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Join us for our 200 hour course to become a certified yoga teacher. Practice and learn in a small group environment with instructors who bring a combined 30 years of experience to the yoga school. Learn about yoga philosophy, meditation, energy, breath, asanas and more. Graduate with your 200 hour yoga teacher certification from this Yoga Alliance Certified School.
Exhale and Thrive’s Integrative and Alignment Based Yoga Teacher training honours the personal truths and passions of each and every student. Instead of learning how to be true to someone else’s or a particular Yoga school’s ideologies we encourage and guide our students through a learning process that helps them be true to themselves, both on and off the mat.
If you are eager to teach, or just wish to deepen your practice, Exhale and Thrive Yoga Teacher Training offers an exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in yoga, the spirituality of self healing, and introspection. We welcome everyone to this life-expanding course and to the experiences that will transform your life share with you the what yoga will bring into the rest of your life.